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Tim Krachenfels  21/03/10   05:05:45 Date
Message God has given Derek a gift that most people dream of having. Ironic that we would give anything to be capable of Derek's talents, when we seem to be an everyday normal person. Wonderful to hear the pa**ion of his heart. Thank you Derek for being you.

Peter L. Haverlandt  20/03/10   00:14:51 Date
Message I just discovered Derek today and what a treasure. It is a rare treat to find a young man so extremely gifted. I will enjoy listening to his music for the rest of my life and can only dream of hearing him in person. Derek is truely one of god's angels here on earth and I feel so blessed to have found him.

Louie  18/03/10   04:43:42 Date
Message I enjoy your music keep it up . From one of your fans from Windsor, Virginia .

Paula  16/03/10   20:17:33 Date
Message Derek I saw you on 60 minutes the other night and you are totally awesome. I too love music and have played the piano for over 40 years but have never heard anyone make a piano sing the way you do!!

Pat  16/03/10   19:06:06 Date
Message Great to hear you agian on 60 minutes, Would like to shake your hand when you play in or near Washington dc, Please listen to some Allan Holdsworth. :idea:

Mickey Ray  16/03/10   18:34:22 Date
Message Across the globe, and through millions of miles of space to my TV, the power of your presence and music is still awe-inspiring! I, like millions of others, watched 60 minutes and found myself welling up with tears of joy, and pride for your amazing talents and your sense of giving! Keep it strong and lovely! Mickey Ray Binghamton, NY

Trisha Adams  16/03/10   16:14:56 Date
Message Derek, I watched the segment on 60 Minutes and cannot say enough about it - I am in total awe of you! You are truly a gift from God and are doing exactly what He put you on Earth to do. I only wish I could attend a concert but will do the next best thing and purchase your CD. Please know you are an inspiration to ALL and you have many fans across the globe!

Sherry Parcel  16/03/10   14:29:54 Date
Message We saw you playing the piano on TV this Sunday, Derek. Your piano playing brought tears to our eyes over and over again. We loved your composing, too. The spur of the moment Boogie that you composed was really cool.

You are fantastic! Keep up your great charity work and keep on sharing your God given piano playing ability with the elderly and people
of all ages.

God loves you, and so do your listeners!

With Christian Love, Sherry and Bob
from Omaha, Nebraska USA :)

j worland  16/03/10   09:56:53 Date
Message Dear Derek
you are simply awesome and im hoping that you add that song ain't no sun shine in B major in ragtime. It was simply the best i have ever listen.

C Knapp  16/03/10   07:32:53 Date
Message As a non-profit in Oregon, USA, that works with youth and young adults on the Autistic Spectrum to help them realize independence and self-sustainability by utilizing their gifts, pa**ions and strengths, I would love to find a way to organize a benefit concert in Portland, Oregon with you as a primary artist. Do you travel out of the UK? Would love to hear from you or someone in your family to talk about this.

I'm so glad to see that you had a family who was able to nurture and develop your gift.

Tom Taliaferro  15/03/10   23:27:48 Date
Message Ok, I've watched your 60 Minutes special four times now in two days, as has the whole family. We are truly amazed and feel lucky that we didn't miss it (it was just by accident that we saw it, rewound it, and recorded it on the DVR). Thanks for sharing your talents.

BALINDA VASQUEZ  15/03/10   22:36:49 Date
Message I saw Derek's story on 60 minutes and was SIMPLY BLOWN AWAY by his amazing talent! WOW...wait...did I say it...WOW!

I am going out today to purchase his book, for I love biographies and this is going to be one that I know I won't be able to put down.

I just wanted to say that he seems VERY down to earth, does not use his 'Aunt' for notoriety and I commend him for blessing the rest us with his talent that GOD has gave him.

Thank you for sharing your story with those of us "across the pond". May you continue to be blessed.

If EVER Derek is in the US (West Coast), I would love to know as I would soooo be there!

Debbie Sterkel  15/03/10   20:29:06 Date
Message I watched this 60minutes story about you Derek and I have to tell you I think you are one of the most amazing, good, gifted people I have ever see!! I only wish I lived in the UK and could actually hear you play and meet you, but instead I will look for you cd and enjoy...enjoy the gift you share to so many!

Debbie  15/03/10   20:03:59 Date
Message Dear Derek,

After seeing your television interview on "60 minutes," I had to tell you that the piano sounds so incredibly beautiful when you are playing. Although I took piano lessons for years, I never began to have anywhere near the talent that you have. You are an incredible inspiration! Your musical talent is absolutely amazing and your performance left me speechless!

Thank you, Adam, for sharing Derek's amazing musical ability with us! Best wishes and keep up the great work!

Shannon Laine  15/03/10   18:55:12 Date
Message Dear Derek-

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story and beautiful music on 60 Minutes. I am a music therapist and currently work with an 8 year old boy who is blind, on the Autism spectrum, and has an amazing musical gift. Thank you for sharing your story, and teaching the world to celebrate and embrace the beautiful music that is within each one of us.

Carol Gage  15/03/10   18:53:41 Date
Message Derek, I saw you years ago on 60 minutes and again last night. What an awesome gift God has given you. Blessings!!

Luisa Artibello  15/03/10   18:42:47 Date
Message Dear Derek, my sister and I watched the 60 Minutes programme and are so grateful we did. You are completely marvellous. Bless you for giving us all so much joy through the universal language of music.

Barbara Turner  15/03/10   18:38:26 Date
Message Dear Derek,
Thank you so much for sharing with me and the world the gift God has placed in you! What amazing love you show and your music, Wow!!! Second to none. I know that what you offer up has to be the sweetest fragrance to God's nostrils. I was so blessed to have caught 60 mins last night. You really impacted me! You are a light in a dark world. Keep loving, keep shining, keep smiling, keep playing.
:wink: P.S. You make me wanna to do and give more!! And for that, I am so grateful.

Felix Cintron  15/03/10   16:24:46 Date
Message Hi Derek,

I saw your performance last night on 60 Minutes you are an incredible person and an inspiration too many! May God Bless you!

Erica Klaehn  15/03/10   13:28:37 Date
Message Derek, you are such an inspiration and a beautiful person!!! Love, Erica

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