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Lyndsey  21/05/10   09:54:42 Date
Message You are truly amazing :D.

Stu from England  21/05/10   00:01:13 Date
Message You are truly amazing, its astounding how much one person can accomplish, i wish you all the best for the future.

Katherine  20/05/10   21:09:12 Date
Message Hi Derek,

I have just watched you on the BBC three programme "Autistic Superstars" and would just like to congratulate you on your part on what has been a riveting programme, you have a truly awe-inspiring gift, amazing to see - I hope one day to see you in concert!


Ed Wu  20/05/10   19:29:54 Date
Message woah, i was just wikipeding savants and stumbled across your profile. and i have to say, i was utterly amazed. You are mind-numbingly talented and your improvisational skills are world cla**.

im personally a singer, and would like to share a stage you with one day.


Aggie  19/05/10   13:20:03 Date
Message Hi Derek,

This is Aggie from Sydney, Australia. Your performance is so amazing!! It's really a wonderful experience listening to your music. I felt like I had been melted into the rhythm, my heart grew a pair of wings and flied with the notes that you played. Hope you will come to Sydney one day. I really hope I can see your performance LIVE!!!!!!


John  19/05/10   04:14:46 Date
Message You blow my mind. Keep doing what you're doing. You're awesome!

Brian M., Arlington, Virginia  14/05/10   12:20:05 Date
Message Derek, this is just to say hooray for the incredibly happy spirit your music brings, and to say hooray also that you have the love of your family and the appreciation of your listeners.

Tracy Phillips  18/04/10   23:35:12 Date
Message Howdy from Kansas, Derek.
I linked to your new website so more people can hear you play.

Alexander K.  07/04/10   19:30:39 Date
Message Hey some greets from Germany ;)
I like it how perfekt you play every song.
Maybe I have the honour to see/and hear
you "live"
that would be great

Maggie  06/04/10   22:08:11 Date
Message Hi Derek, omg you're actually famous! I'm so glad I didn't know this before our day at Wigmore together, I think I would have made a bit of a prat of myself :lol:

Michael  31/03/10   21:38:23 Date
Message you need to be in facebook, so we can be a fan of and there by help share your talent with other people..........please make some more cd's I could listen to your playing everyday. Thank you

Brian M.  30/03/10   12:16:35 Date
Message Derek - It was a pleasure to see and hear you on 60 Minutes. You do, truly, play "In the Key of Genius" and what a lot of joy it brings! Best wishes, Brian M., Arlington, Virginia

Bjarne With  29/03/10   01:34:21 Date
Message I have just seen you again on TV, 60 minutes this time, and ypu allways impresss me with your "impossible" musical skills.... WOW! Love to watch and listen, Derek!

Daniel  28/03/10   13:44:39 Date
Message Derek and friends,

The amount of good work you and your teachers have put into your piano skills is astounding, and only surpa**ed by the results! The better one becomes, the more effortless it appears, and you do make it look easy!

Would you be interested in receiving information about work others have done and potential projects as they become available?

Warmest regards,


Colleen Hogan  26/03/10   16:01:22 Date
Message Derek, my husband and I were both brought to tears of joy seeing you on 60 minutes. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful gift of your music and life. God bless you & your family. If we ever get a chance to see you play in concert, you can be a**ured we will. Please come to the Pacific Northwest, United States

Carl  24/03/10   18:10:14 Date
Message I was amazed by the talent flowing so effortlessly from your fingertips like color flows from Crayolas.

Joe and Tiff  23/03/10   15:27:22 Date
Message We watched your story on 60 Minutes and were overcome by joy. You bring us and many others joy. OUr new baby will most definitely listen to your wonderful words through music.

Barbara  23/03/10   00:01:42 Date
Message Oh, Derek what wonderful talent, I believe a gift from God. I was so touched by your playing and it brought tears of joy to my heart. God bless you and keep you in his care. :wink:

Tim Krachenfels  21/03/10   05:05:45 Date
Message God has given Derek a gift that most people dream of having. Ironic that we would give anything to be capable of Derek's talents, when we seem to be an everyday normal person. Wonderful to hear the pa**ion of his heart. Thank you Derek for being you.

Peter L. Haverlandt  20/03/10   00:14:51 Date
Message I just discovered Derek today and what a treasure. It is a rare treat to find a young man so extremely gifted. I will enjoy listening to his music for the rest of my life and can only dream of hearing him in person. Derek is truely one of god's angels here on earth and I feel so blessed to have found him.

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