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Anna  02/08/10   00:01:01 Date
Message Derek, I just saw your interview on 60 minutes. You are truly a blessing to all that hear you. Bless your heart!

JoyceLee  01/08/10   23:59:47 Date
Message :shock: Yours is a life truely Blessed my friend. Thank You!

LA Carlson  01/08/10   23:58:50 Date
Message I saw the repeat of your story on 60 minutes. Derek, you
are an inspiration and wonderful. I was inspired! Keep being extraordinary, stay well! :D

Sophia M. Acierto  01/08/10   23:56:35 Date
Message Hi, Derek!
I just watched you on 60 Minutes; you're amazing and a blessing from God.

Michael K. Richardson III  01/08/10   23:55:33 Date
Message Hello Derek,

Just saw you on 60 minutes, and I thought you absolutely rocked. You have a wonderful personality and a unique ear for music,

Rock on Derek!


William  01/08/10   23:54:26 Date
Message I just watched the 60 Minutes segment of Derek and simply cried because I was so amazed. You Derek are simply amazing. Thank You!!

Linda  27/07/10   20:21:24 Date
Message I was so pleased to see Derek on The 5 o'clock show last week, he is wonderful.
I first saw Derek on a doc**entry called Extraordinary People. I was amazed at his talent and loved his personality.
Well done Derek for giving everyone a chance to hear your unique musical talent and for Alan who has made it possible for you to have the opportunity to do so.

Bryce Mills  25/07/10   05:25:59 Date
Message Totally overwhelmed, makes me think how lucky in life we all are. Especially to hear this wonderful talent. Wouldn't mind hearing Derek play a version of They Might Be Giants `birdhouse in your soul' in a grand epic way. I'm totally in awe.
Thankyou Bryce

Colin Young  24/07/10   22:20:32 Date
Message What can I say, you have moved me to tears, you are FANTASTIC, I really don't have the words to say how much you have made me think about life, thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.

All the very best

Take care


J. Grima  22/07/10   19:35:12 Date
Message Derek, you have left a big mark on my life. You have inspired me like no one else could. My life time achievement is to see you play one day, and to learn the notes you played for your Mozart version of Fur Elise.

May God bless you Derek, you are such a unique person I would have loved to have you as my son!

Ashton Lawrence  22/07/10   18:04:59 Date
Message Your playing is bad a** Bromeo. Simple as.

jean jones  22/07/10   17:40:37 Date
Message what an inspiration my grandson is autistic and plays tunes by ear hope he gets as good as you xxxxx

Andrew  22/07/10   17:01:50 Date
Message A true inspiration Derek; thank you for being here. Andrew

Phillipa  04/07/10   20:13:46 Date
Message attended creative:space for 2nd year running today and you make it such an enjoyable experience, your talent is wishes

Adrian Pace  01/07/10   03:50:39 Date
Message Derek,
I saw your special on Nova tonight here in Westport, CT. USA. You are an inspiration to the world. I have played the piano for many years and all I can say is that if has at least given me the ability to truly appreciate your brilliance. I love your chord structures and your timing is abosolute perfection. I'd love to see you perform here in NY sometime. If you're ever coming over I'll be there to see you. Watching you play tonight made my day.

Thank you,

ida  21/06/10   20:08:23 Date
Message hi derek,
i have the honour to hear you play last friday. and you are amazing! your personality is so adorable and you have great stage present. i hope to hear you play again. next time i would like to hear what your favorite song instead. but i cant find your concert schedule on your website. please post it up. or someone else do it for you :-)

and Dr Ockelford, you are no less amazing as derek for your pa**ion to help people like him. thank you.

ida who is fortunately living in UK at the moment :D

Sakke  05/06/10   17:25:36 Date
Message Greetings from Finland Derek, you play so nice.

Michela Kissmer  31/05/10   14:57:45 Date
Message Derek and Alan I am reading your book and decided to check you out on YOUTUBE. Derek you are astounding and I'm so happy for us all that you are here sharing your prescious gift with us. Thank you to you both. From Newcastle, South Africa :lol:

Peter  24/05/10   00:20:37 Date
Message We are blessed that a musician with your talent can inspire people the world over,thankyou,you truly are remarkable

paul  23/05/10   21:48:08 Date
Message i think you are an amazing guy so i made you a facebook page i think it would be brilliant if all the people who love you would join it

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