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stevie spills  04/11/11   04:57:41 Date
Message first of all, your one of the most talented artist/pianist ever.The first time i seen you play was on that show superhumans. big fan of yours since. im no pianist or anything, i mean i rap, but the way you flow on the keys is amazing , in other words beautiful / u know. hope to see u live one day and witness a living legend....... Real s***...........

Sarah Power  03/10/11   14:13:09 Date
Message Dear Derek

I attended your concert in the Southbank Centre last week, which I found out about through a friend that day.

I was brought up on cla**ical music and have been learning to play the piano for almost a year (I'm 25). I just want to say you have the most extraordinary gift; I have never experienced such perfection. It was a joy to listen to you and I hope you continue to play for many years to come, both for yourself and for anyone who has the opportunity to hear you perform.

Sarah xx

Lily  02/10/11   13:19:11 Date
Message Derek and Adam
Thank you so much for you patience in letting lily sit by you today, she loved your playing. I hope that you continue to enjoy your music. We both loved today, thank you.

Jane & Lily

Andie S  30/09/11   00:01:38 Date
Message Derek

You are very very awesome and very very talented! hope to go to one of your concerts :D

susie  29/09/11   23:59:20 Date
Message Dear Derek

I am very happy that you put this clip on for people to watch. I am trying to learn to play the piano. It is very difficult for me because i do not understand music the way you do. You are perfect at playing the piano. You are brilliant with music. This makes a lot of people feel very happy to hear you play. I am glad that you like to play for people. Please remember that when your Autism makes it hard for you to connect with people, your music connects with everybody. You are doing a great job. People are very happy and smile because of you. You make people have a good day because they hear your music and then the bad things do not seem so bad. You are a very talented artist. I hope that you are having a nice day. You are very famous now. Well done!

Tas Shahjahan  29/09/11   14:12:09 Date
Message Derek, you are an inspiration to everyone and have an extraordinary gift! May you continue to bring melody and sunshine to all for many many years.

Graham terry  29/09/11   09:00:57 Date
Message :D . Derick! i felt compelled to write here just to say the ma**ive inspiration you are to me and many others across the globe. God also gave me a gift 48 years ago to be able to sing almost anything i hear. I live in south africa and here they believe that what god gave you for free you give for free! so my talent remains recognised only a handful of people. But as you do you cannot stop the music that is bursting from the inside and i must sing to stay sane! thank you for showing us all that despite all the obstacles set in our way a pure talent can conquer the world

Christina  29/09/11   07:39:47 Date
Message Derek Paravicini, you're an inspiration to us all. May God Bless you and your family always x

Jose Luis B  29/09/11   07:14:31 Date
Message Derek, you're amazing!!
Congratulations for your achievements. I hope your career continues to be as successful as it has been so far, and I'm very confident that it will. Your talent is awesome!
I cannot wait to listen Rhapsody in Blue in your piano! I wish to a**ist to Queen Elizabeth's, but unfortunately I canĀ“t. Let me know whenever you decide to release the concert's CD!!

Gloria  28/09/11   22:46:39 Date
Message Hello Derek, I knew you on twitter here in Brazil and research to know about you. Every news I was more amazed. God created you to present us. Be well. Kisses directly from Brazil: Gloria :)

Ade  28/09/11   21:35:57 Date
Message I also heard you on the BBC and agree you have n amazing talent. The version of Maroon 5 was brilliant and you should add some modern covers onto a CD, that will be a ma**ive hit. Keep up the good work.

Dave Richards  28/09/11   19:07:07 Date
Message Saw you on BBC Breakfast TV today. What an amazing gift you have for instant recall of music. Hope you come to perform somewhere in the Midlands soon

Dave: Leicester

Celeste Winters  16/09/11   20:56:43 Date
Message I'm one of your many American followers who is amazed by your tremendous talent and charm! I play videos of your interviews to my college arts and humanities cla**es, all of whom immediately love you. Thank you, your parents, family and wonderful instructor Adam for giving you to the world. - Celeste

Adele James  27/08/11   14:54:45 Date
Message Hi Derek, I too have not yet had the pleasure of seeing you live, but I have watched TV programmes you have been on and read Adam's book. What a wonderful story. You are a true inspiration to us all. My 11 year old has shown many of his friends your playing via Youtube, so profound was the affect of your life story on him. And man, can you play!!!!!!!! Looking forward to hearing you many times in the future xxxx

Mel Jones  17/07/11   09:26:44 Date
Message Thank you for allowing my family and myself to enjoy your talent , I think we have viewed all the Youtube videos available

Michael Morton  13/07/11   19:33:11 Date
Message Dear Derek Paravicini,

You have such an amazing talent.

Have you ever considered playing a song from a video game, like a Mario game?

Bob Lyons Houston  13/07/11   15:49:08 Date
Message Your talent is WONDERFUL...and all the work you must have put in to get to there...Thanks for sharing your wonderful way of making music. God bless you, your family and your teacher.

Miriam Belgeri  25/06/11   22:15:52 Date
Message Derek,
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you on "20 Minutes" you tube. Your incredible talent and great personality brought tears of joy to me today . I especially loved it when you played for the elderly. Although I don't play well at all I have always had a special place in my heart for piano. Thank you for sharing your gift and all that you do for others. I so would love to see you perform in person if you come to the US.

Ruth Ann karlen  19/06/11   20:37:35 Date
Message Beautiful music. Wow I saw you on a PBS show today and you re amazing. Love your piano music. Can't wait to buy the book about you and a CD. Ruth Ann :D

Shynet30  19/06/11   13:36:16 Date
Message Hi Derek,
I've yet to have the pleasure of hearing you live, but you have already touched my mind, heart and soul
thank you

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