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FRETPICK  22/05/07   01:12:38 Date
Message I hear soon your be playing at the Harting school. I just wanted to send my best %26 I hope all goes well for you on the day!!!! The only other question I have is do you have a MYSPACE? As your such a talent I think it would be an amazing option. All my best. FRETPICK

Safiyyah Amina Muhammad  14/05/07   16:36:01 Date
Message I've seen you several times in the media throughout the years. I am so delighted to watch your continued sucesses. I am the mother of a 9 year old with Autism and people like you and Matt Savage give me so much hope for my son's future and what he may someday be able to do. Continued success to you, my friend, you are a remarkable soul and an amazing spirit to behold.

miss Dan Wall  09/05/07   18:07:19 Date
Message dear derek and adam, i heard you on five live last night(17th) and i had to find out about you. Derek you have the most beautiful gift of honesty,inspiration and life i have ever heard. You made me cry tears of shear joy last night in the dark. I am totally smitten.IM lost to say much more as you took my breath away with your humanity and talent. Never let life get you down, you have my heart forever.a very big kiss to you,love Dan

Diane Jones  07/05/07   09:13:23 Date
Message What a wonderful inspiring and uplifting concert. You led us through some amazing musical adventures. I will remember it for a long time. Thank you Derek

julie mann  04/05/07   13:05:04 Date
Message your playing last night was inspiring! So beautiful - I was entranced. Your CD which we're listening to as I write this is extraordinary! Thank you for all of it.

Laurinda Brown  04/05/07   12:55:21 Date
Message Derek: I went with two friends to the Emerald Ensemble event at St George's Bristol yesterday evening - I don't have a television and had not heard of you before - the Paganini especially stays in my mind - astounding - thank you for your playing and the pleasure it gave me.

Giuseppe  25/04/07   00:03:06 Date
Message I just saw a doc**entary about your life and your talent. I am amazed, inspired, and glad I have known your story. I wish you the best of success with your career and your life, I think you deserve it. Giuseppe

Emeka  17/04/07   20:29:56 Date
Message 'Air on the 'G' string', Soundscape (RNIB) April 2006 blew me away. Please, please more interpreted cla**ical. Respect and Admiration.

Justin  02/04/07   22:30:48 Date
Message Very inspiring, you are indeed a blessing.

Gilbert  31/03/07   08:44:25 Date
Message God bless you, Derek, for teaching us all not to look down on ourselves and to make use of gifts that God has given each one of us. I hope that you will have many good days ahead of you.

Magnus  27/03/07   22:31:51 Date
Message Youre fantastic Derek! Thanks for your music, its brilliant! Greetings from Norway

Andrea  02/03/07   19:15:37 Date
Message I watched many of your videoclips on various websites, and i am truly inspired by your musical talents, and your zest for life. You are an wonderfully gifted person, and im glad that there are people helping you that truly understand your qualities. I love your improvising and thanks again for sharing your talents, and your truly amazing story. cheers =)

Richard Smith  13/02/07   17:13:36 Date
Message Derek, Just a simple note to tell you how much we appreciate the music you make. Seeing the rapport between yourself and Jools Holland please ask him to make a CD with you. It would be magicalto share the fun you have together! Best wishes Richard

April  11/02/07   13:33:01 Date
Message Hi Derek! I'm now one of your fan! When I saw you on tv I was like WOW! I also play piano but not like how you play it. You're amazing! You gave me inspiration to play piano again and compose music! Thank you for sharing us your wonderful talent! You are absolutely inspiring! I hope I can see you in person and play piano with you! =) April

arthur  10/02/07   12:01:50 Date
Message saw you on tv derek, you touched my heart,a true genius, i aws angry at those idiots who tested you to see if you could play with emotion, well you played with true feeling, wich they would not understand, keep up the great work,you are a rare soul,hope to see you live one day. hope they read this to you. many regards arthur.

antonella  28/01/07   13:09:56 Date
Message I have seen you just yesterday on tv..I think you are simply amazing! I was touched in my soul by listening to your music... My compliments to your inner talent and a kiss from Italy...I beg your pardon for my english!!!!

Mattheew K  27/01/07   16:21:36 Date
Message Hello Derek. I play piano as well. I feel you have a gift of not only a musical brain to compute but a musical heart to add that something special. Also, I would try to get in contact with Daneil Tammet, another great mind. Keep working! Matt

sergio  14/01/07   19:47:58 Date
Message Sei incredibile , un giorno se deciderai di fare del rock ... ti faccio suonare nel mio prossimo disco..

Brett  08/01/07   01:26:24 Date
Message Hello Derek, Thanks for the wonderful music that you create. You are my favorite pianist. Your improvisational playing is simply amazing. I look forward to purchasing your new CD. I was wondering if you've played other instruments, and if you have ever tried creating multi-track recordings using a keyboard? For a person without sight, it is possible to create a simple setup where you can record different tracks, switching bewtween tracks with a simple foot pedal (Ableton Live software is good for this kind of arrangment). I create music this way and I find the creative potential to be incredible, as you can create mutli-layered compositions using hundreds of different instruments, accessed through the piano keyboard. The result does not need to be artifical sounding, and with the current software and keyboars available, one person can create rich, complex pieces themselves. I can only imagine the possibilities with someone like yourself playing. By the way Derek, my favorite keys are F#/Eb minor, moving from major melodies in F# to an Eb blues with lots of minor seventh chords. I'd love to hear you experiment in this mode sometime. Best wishes and continued success. Keep up the good work and keep recordng. We woudl all like to see a big discography from you over time, if that's what you'd like to do! Regards, Brett

Augustus  05/01/07   05:41:25 Date
Message Hello Derek, I just want to say that you are extremely talented and have inspired to pracitce harder on my instrument (the guitar). Your style and improvs are incredible and a sight to behold.

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