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Suzanne  11/08/08   00:24:49 Date
Message Derek,

I just watched a bunch of your videos on YouTube and I am truly amazed. I practiced music for years and I could never come close to the incredible talent that you posess.

I look forward to hearing more from you and hope one day to see you in concert in NYC. How about playing Carnegie Hall? I think you belong there. I know people would truly appreciate your gift if they could hear you in that special venue.

Jeff Williams  10/08/08   20:30:02 Date
Message Simply Awesome!

Pelle  08/08/08   11:59:47 Date
Message Great site !!!

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Cindy  08/08/08   02:13:24 Date
Message Derek, I think you're music is beautiful. It's so refreshing to listen to you play and I think it is just pure perfection :D I recently downloaded "Send In the Clowns" from your album and I have never heard it played that way before, it's just amazing :) Thank you so much playing and I wish you much love and happiness.

Joachim  08/07/08   08:27:36 Date
Message Hello Derek,

I already few times in a report saw you and must really say which you a model for all handicapped humans of this world am.
my name is Joachim and I has a chronic language handicap is my 4th year of life. I white from there exactly not for to be respected and was expenditure-bordered long time of the society.

You give not to give many humans up Kraft and show up them " I am also handicapped however a completely normal humans.

Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Johann Sebastian Bach would have been genuinly envious on talent. I see with you the MUSE and quality with piano plays it make so singular.

I wish you of deepest hearts all luck of this world and much health.

your fan Joachim

John A Smith  05/06/08   13:25:54 Date
Message Hello Derek,

Having watched your perfomance on BBC1's "Imagine" Programme on 3rd June 2008 can I say what an inspiration you are to people suchas myself who have been struggling to develope a technique for a lifetime. Absolutely wonderful stuff. If I could only emulate your musical prowess.

Thanks so very much.

Jas (Spain)

nichola powell  04/06/08   19:49:13 Date
Message Derek I think you are amazing a true genius have never witnessed anyone like you :D

Johnny  04/06/08   00:49:19 Date
Message Derek, I have just seen the doc**entary on BBC1 and it is people like yourself who make me believe that music does truly come from a whole other world and that it may only be explained by the virtue of a soul. You are an inspiration and I look forward to reading your book and I hopefully will get to hear & see you perform.

Pedro Sanchez Llado  03/06/08   22:38:03 Date
Message Wonderful, just saw the BBC 1 program (3.6.08)about music and the Brain and couldn´t stop coming to your website. You have a wonderful gift that makes people smile and enjoy.

steph lloyd  02/06/08   10:35:10 Date
Message :D i think you are wonderful. i like your music very much.

i am proud of you

Mario  01/06/08   15:26:02 Date
Message ...what a genius!!

Steve  01/06/08   14:30:20 Date
Message :D absolutely brilliant, what a great guy

Matt Grippi  24/05/08   08:11:48 Date
Message I saw a doc**entary on the Science Channel here in the States and was amazed. Since, I've purchased you biography and hope eventually to get ahold of a dvd of that Sci. Chan. program, if ever produced. Will also purchase cd.

Stay well and connected.

René in MN.  23/05/08   08:43:26 Date
Message You are so amazing!! You should be so proud of yourself! My grandma gave me her 100 year old piano...well, I can do chopsticks!! Isn't that sad? Luv Ya...take care! René

Jacob  18/05/08   05:54:44 Date
Message I've watched that show about you twice now! You're amazing. I wish I could experience music the way you do. YOU ROCK!

Jenna  18/05/08   04:25:07 Date
Message Hi Derek,
I watched your special on TV today & was so inspired by you. I just watched it again online. You are so extraordinarily talented. I could listen to you play for days. I hope someday to meet you & hear you play in person. It would be my honor. I'm buying your CD & I also bought your book. I wish you all the best. Thank you for allowing us to read about you & to hear you play. :D

Linda  17/05/08   23:52:34 Date
Message I saw your doc**entary once before, watching it again now. Then wondered if you had music on CD to came to look you up on computer. To my Delight I found you on itunes, so now I have bought your first CD and love every bit of it, its so happy and delightful, and makes me smile. THANK YOU for sharing your genius talents with the world and the inspiration you bring to many who need it. God bless you and keep you . Linda in America

Ryan Manning  15/05/08   03:43:56 Date
Message You're the man!

Ahmed M  14/05/08   10:15:25 Date
Message Hey Derek, greetings from Cairo. Just wanted to say that watching you was infinitely inspiring and I hope someday I'd have the pleasure of enjoying your magic firsthand. You and what you do are precious, be great :wink:

kate anderson  11/05/08   02:14:09 Date
Message Hey Derek!
I just got finished watching most of your doc**entary on Discovery Health channel and you have given me motivation to strive for heights I have only had in dreams. I hope to see you perform someday, and maybe even perform with you!!! Have a good one, and see you soon!!!



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