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Dave Miller  21/10/08   17:12:38 Date
Message :D Wow,it is so awesome the ability God has given you. Please always keep sharing this musical wonder you have, with the World. Lifetime musicians everywhere and myself can only hope to improve our capabilities by studying the way you think, hear and respond to all auditory tonality. Listen and create your version of the late Oscar Peterson Live performances. You may be the only one left on earth that could possibly do that :D
Thanks so much and looking forward to performances to come,
Dave Miller
PS- I'm from Central Pennsylvania, USA, and would love very much to play along side you someday.

Kevin Gwozdz  20/10/08   06:08:43 Date
Message Thank you Derek for your inspiration, I hope to see you live someday. I am very impressed and strive to get to a level of piano as you have achieved!

Mick Wilson  10/10/08   08:21:14 Date
Message :D Hello dude, I would just like to thank you for music.
I saw you on TV last night and you are truely an amazing musician.
My wife (who is grade 8) will be coming to see you when you next play near us.
thanks again and keep smiling!
Mick and Fay. x

Christine Cubbon  09/10/08   21:07:21 Date
Message My husband and our children (1 confirmed ASD another waiting for diagnosis) were at the savoy on Sunday and we all really enjoyed your piano playing - you are an inspiration to my children - all things are possible. I shall never forget that evening and all the performers.

Jules  06/10/08   09:06:16 Date
Message I saw Derek for the first time in person at the Savoy Theatre on 5 Oct 2008. What a fantastic night and how lucky the audience were, not only to witness Derek's talent first hand but to hear the duet with Jools Holland. I have Asperger's Syndrome and I consider my ASD to make me a very lucky person. Thank you Derek for sharing your talent with us all.

William  05/10/08   20:53:54 Date
Message I had the priviledge of seeing you perform this evening solo and also with Jools Holland. I have to say that I have never experienced such wonderful piano playing. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with us this evening, and all the best for the future.

Ashley  04/10/08   16:46:43 Date
Message Derek, you are amazing!! I always wished I could play the piano, but I'd never be as good as you. You're truly an inspiration. :D

Kyle  03/10/08   01:21:07 Date
Message Derek,

I can't even speak when I hear you play the piano. Listening to you play the piano makes me feel so good. You are amazing beyond words. I watched your doc**entary, and you seem like such a fun person to be around. I hope you play the piano forever; you are such an inspiration to so many!


Fiona  01/10/08   10:46:55 Date
Message Hi Derek,

The doc**entary about you and your playing in Las Vegas with Rex was recently shown in Hong Kong. I just wanted to say that hearing about your story and how far you've come is truly inspiring and makes me think with all the difficulties in my life I should always strive for the better. Wish you all the best.


Vittore La Gioia  25/09/08   12:07:35 Date
Message Hi Derek, it's Vittore from Italy!
Yesterday I saw your story on CULT channel and I was impressed listening to your talent.
I immediatly bought your cd and I hope to hear you playing piano here in my country, it could be fantastic for all of italian people.
Thanks for all.

Luca Maria Chenet (Italy)  25/09/08   06:35:54 Date
Message Hi Derek, yesterday evening I had the pleasure of enjoy of your best music! You are a big-boy
Ciao from Ba**ano del Grappa (Italy)

Brian M.  09/09/08   12:41:17 Date
Message Derek,

I just wanted to say Hello - - and to say I hope you've enjoyed working on your Christmas CD over the summer.

I really am looking forward to hearing the new CD, as your music is sincerely a treat!

You are terrific - - and it's good to see from your guestbook that you have friends and fans from all over the world!

Emily Ma  07/09/08   08:50:56 Date
Message i bought your CD on itunes just now...and man, i wish i could improv jazz with half the talent you have. God bless you, sir.

dave  04/09/08   18:23:15 Date
Message Not a day goes by when I don't listen to your album on my ipod. I wish you would make at least two or three albums a year. I also hope you will be on tour in the US that would a concert in Denver, Colorado

Ann & Taylor  03/09/08   16:05:13 Date
Message Dear Derek,

The music you play, the music that's in you, well--it is wonderful. God bless you!

Terry Mendenall  02/09/08   15:13:58 Date
Message Derek,
You are one of God's precious children to whom He has given this marvelous gift. Your gift from God is also His gift to us in hearing you play. May He continue to bless you.

Jana Connell  01/09/08   05:13:04 Date
Message Derek,
You are truly amazing. It is our gift to be able to listen to your gift.
I am so grateful that you have such wonderful people like Adam around you.
Bless you and yours.

Dr. John E. Brasch, PhD, MFT, QMHP  29/08/08   20:46:28 Date
Message Hello. When I started first grade, I was told that I was retarded and would never be able to get past sixth grade. I am a lacking in intellect yet through long and difficult times of many trials and tribulations I have been able to do what the professionals all said was impossible. I received my PhD in Psychology on June 28th, 2008. I may not have a high IQ; in fact I know I don't. It didn't stop me. I am proud to be retarded! I read at a fourth grade level at 250 wpm with 85% comprehension. I'll quote a line from a movie. It's from Forest Gump; "My momma says stupid is as stupid does." And my mom told me that same quote. So my friends look for the potential in all people, not their inability as the term disability contradicts our abilities.

Derek; Thank you for your inspiration and showing the world that special people like us hold beauty at the highest level in everyone around us even though some choose to incite their fear of our abilities because they can’t understand what exquisiteness is. From one beautiful person to another; I love you man.

Irina Cioaca  28/08/08   17:29:03 Date
Message I've only recently learned of savants, and of all of them, I find you to be the most fascinating. As a piano player I am awed at your skills. I love your playing, and am very thankful you have compiled a CD. You should make more... you play wonderfully.

John Harkins  16/08/08   21:37:09 Date
Message You are truely a credit and inspiration to the human race. I recently heard your story and have shared it with everyone I know and meet. You have an amazing talent and gift!

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