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R.C. Oates  15/03/10   00:14:32 Date
Message Absolutely astounding!! While surfing the TV I happened across Derek on "60 Minutes" here in the United States. Thank God that Derek was not aborted or die in infancy. Truly the world is a richer and more blessed place because of his remarkable life and musical genius.

Evan Mugford  15/03/10   00:12:37 Date
Message Like everyone else here, Derek, I think you are incredible. Keep playing, because we'll keep listening.

Steve S  15/03/10   00:12:25 Date
Message I just saw your story on 60 minutes. What a treat! You are fabulous, but most importantly an inspiration beyond compare. I wish you continued success with your music. The segment with the elderly people brought tears to my eyes. But your music absolutely makes me smile. Take care.

Luke Matelski  15/03/10   00:08:22 Date
Message Derek,
You are an amazing man. I just watched the 60 Minutes story about you. It was a very touching story. You are an inspiration and an incredible individual. I want to thank you for sharing your gift with the world and for making the world a better place. May God bless you and your family.

cindy lewis  15/03/10   00:07:36 Date
Message My name is Cindy Lewis and my husband and I watched you tonight on 60 minutes and we just want you to know how inspiring you and your music is to us! You are amazing! We live in the state of Tennessee in the United States. I would like to know when you will be coming back and performing in a concert? We would love to come and watch you perform and meet you and your family. May God continue to bless us with your music! Thank you!

Lexy  15/03/10   00:03:06 Date
Message Derek:
Your story was perhaps the most inspirational thing i have seen in my lifetime. I was amazed and entranced by your musical genius, but even more I was struck by your profound connection with people. You have gifts to share bigger than most of us will ever know and it is a pleasure to see you commit such effort to sharing your gifts with all of us. In addition, it was wonderful to see your amazing relationship with your teacher and family -- you are a blessing for all to enjoy.

Catie Crouse  15/03/10   00:02:51 Date
Message :D Hello Derek, I am Catie. You are a gift to the world...Thank you for sharing with the rest of us. Keep shining and doing what you love.

Betty  15/03/10   00:02:13 Date
Message I too just saw you on 60 Minutes and was so WOW'd I had to Google you! Truly amazing and a perfect example of a miracle of God! Many blessing to you!

Prof. Robert L. Hodge, Jr., J.D.  15/03/10   00:01:58 Date
Message Dear Derek,
I saw you on CBS 60 minutes tonight, and just want to say how great you are doing with your music and your life. I am a law professor and a piano teacher (studied at Julliard) and I am amazed at your talent and so happy you are doing so well! I am buying your new CD. Congratulations and Good Luck! Robert :D

Roze Baker  15/03/10   00:01:14 Date
Message just saw 60 minutes here in the U.S. just awesome
your GREAT.

Norm & Judy Lacer  15/03/10   00:00:31 Date
Message :D We watched you on 60 minutes and we were so impressed. You are wonderful to watch and so very talented. We wish you nothing but success and happiness in your life and hope some day for the opportunity to meet you. Keep up your wonderful work. We are in Illinois in the USA.

Bill Rogers  15/03/10   00:00:25 Date
Message I am so proud of you.

christine  15/03/10   00:00:09 Date
Message WOW! Just watched 60 minutes with my family and we were incredibly moved by your talents and the depth of your personality. We would love to see you live if you ever perform in the United States! God Bless!

steve barnett  14/03/10   23:59:36 Date
Message Derek-Your music is simply amazing. I am 56 years old and took up the guitar about 5 years ago. I'm terrible-but your piece on 60 Minutes has greatly inspired me! I look forward to buying your music and listining to your "genius". Thank you!

Annie  14/03/10   23:58:48 Date
Message Just saw you on 60 Minutes.

You are FAB! When will you preform in Atlanta?

Donald Cromley  14/03/10   23:58:31 Date
Message My wife and my mouth were stuck wide open...enough said!

Heather  14/03/10   23:57:09 Date
Message Derek,
You Rock!!!! I saw you on 60 minutes an hope that you will come to Nashville, TN so I may see you live. Keep up the awesome work and will be looking forward to purchasing your CD!!!!

Best Wish

Cindy Jester  14/03/10   23:55:12 Date
Message I admire your music and will follow your future. I think you are wonderful. I saw you on 60 minutes just now.

Jessie  14/03/10   23:54:44 Date
Message Derek - You are amazing and an inspiration! Keep the music coming :)

Bill Gra**o  14/03/10   23:54:11 Date
Message Truly incredible and awe inspiring. We have a baby grand piano and I wish I could play just one song. Thank You.

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